Build your leadership

Savoir-Relier, the art of connecting

A new way to know yourself and others

The experience focuses on individual perception and interpersonal reliance to develop confidence and trust as the foundations to unfold the knots, build sense and prepare for leadership action plans.




The book: a practical approach to leadership

The book is inspired from the rigor of poetic translation theory as a means to address complex and global problems with sensible and rational relationships that build sense.

« Savoir-Relier is about learning how 1 + 1 = 3 »

They talk about it

Portrait of Anna Malmhake

« In 2014 I inquired about the Savoir-Relier approach as I wanted to create more cohesion and deeper, more qualitative relationships within my leadership team. Over a two-day seminar, we were able to deep-dive into ourselves and learned to truly know each other.

We worked on the conversation in pairs and on resilience in groups of 5 to develop our leadership action plan. The impact on the team has been very positive with the smooth integration of a new member, an atmosphere of trust that has since persisted and allows us to speak openly.
Applying Savoir-Relier to our business issues, we have increased our speed of decision and execution. I recommend the savoir-relier protocol to all leaders who wish to engage their team in self-reflection and interpersonal exchange to increase the quality of their work with a strong and common sense of purpose. »

Anna Malmhake, Chairman & CEO, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard.
Portrait of Karim Vissandjee

« We have been working with the Savoir-Relier protocol with my Finance Leadership Team (FLT) for over a year now. The methodology is incredibly powerful and has given the FLT a greater confidence in working together with trust and an open-minded attitude.

Everyone has appreciated the quality of relationships built and as we are in a period of significant change, this is proving extremely helpful in making efficient decisions with more fluid communication. We wish to pursue working on our resilience and building on sense to continue to grow as a team but also as individuals. »

Karim Vissandjee, CFO Industrial Affairs, Sanofi Group.
Portrait of Appolina Poilane

« Savoir-Relier is about learning how one and one can add up to three. Nurturing interpersonal relationships may seem obvious for a sustainable growth but often times, reality falls short of expectations.

The experience of Savoir-Relier helps you understand and start building that virtuous circle, bringing sense to your accomplishments. »

Apollonia Poilâne, CEO, Poilâne.
Portrait of Pascal Cagni

« Savoir-Relier offers a unique way to develop our leadership skills with emphasis on self-awareness and attention to others so as to generate a desire to pursue common goals and engage in innovation with purpose.

Building sense for others should be the driver of all leaders who care for their environment and drive long term benefits for all. »

Pascal Cagni, GM, VP EMEIA (2000-2012), Apple.